Christine Sarney

Senior Travel Consultant

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I have worked in the travel industry over 20 years, living in Upper Hutt around 25 years in total. I enjoy Trentham with its proximity to the Hutt River and Trentham Memorial Park for walking, plus the wonderful alluvial light soils for relaxing gardening opportunities!  A lovely lifestyle.  I very much enjoy working with people in assisting, planning and booking holidays.  Travel is a bit of a buzz, with lots of potential for self-discovery, fun and relaxation.  I particularly enjoy sharing in the travel experiences of clients before and upon their return.  I gain valuable information about destinations, properties and tours…. from clients’ comments from their travels.

I have travelled extensively and comprehensively to many destinations, so to summarise this list, I love to discover our South Pacific and Australian neighbours, S.E Asia, UK and Europe, parts of the USA, Western Canada, Egypt and Israel, plus parts of Chile and Peru.  The more you see, the more you realise there is to see, so my adventures are in no way completed!   

It would be my pleasure to meet and work with you on your holiday plans!

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