Dave Nagel

Team Leader/Senior Travel Professional

helloworld Travel Ponsonby

09-360 0443

Expertise: Group travel, Fiji, USA, cruising, family travel, travel in general.

Best trip ever: My best trip ever involved cruising the Caribbean and touring Canada.

Top 3 travel tips:

  • On a flight the seat pocket in front is great to pack away those small items like passports and iPods, but don’t forget to empty the pocket when you are leaving the aircraft!
  • Take a length of strong string/or plastic string and pegs for a temporary clothes line in a hotel.
  • Always take a spare memory card for your camera, and download your photos as you go, just in case the worst happens and your camera is lost or stolen.

Top 3 things to do in Fiji:

  • Snorkel or Dive to see the reefs and wonderful fish life.
  • Have a traditional dinner and island Meke show.
  • Visit a Fijian island off the mainland.  

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