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helloworld Travel Rototuna, Hamilton

07-560 4848

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My name is Kylie Davis-Strangwick I am one of the owners of the bright and dynamic helloworld Travel Te Rapa & Rototuna , Hamilton.  I have been actively and passionately engaged within the travel industry for 20 years and have been fortunate to enjoy numerous accolades in that time. Some of my proudest achievements have been receiving prestigious National Top Consultant Awards, Multi Top Brokering Awards.

I specialise in all forms of travel whether it be leisure holidays, cruise,  group travel or business and corporate. I am dedicated to ensuring I remain up to date with the significant product range this wonderful industry has to offer. My goal is to ensure that when customers visit or make contact with us they leave knowing their customer experience is something that will have us at front of mind within their future travel plans. I believe there is no greater compliment than a customer making a referral to our hugely talented and experienced team – it is the ultimate thank you.

We have the travel experience, attention to detail, genuine enthusiasm and ability to listen to your travel needs and turn them into a reality.  Allow me an opportunity to personally welcome you to helloworld Travel Rototuna.

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helloworld Travel Rototuna, Hamilton

44 Horsham Downs Rd

07-560 4848

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027 504 2225

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