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helloworld Travel Richmond

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With my partner Tim, I co-own helloworld Travel Richmond – and I love it, it’s my dream to build the business to the point where I too can work here 5 days a week!


Unlike the rest of the team, I don’t sell travel – my role in the business is in the background seeing to it that the bills and wages are paid on time! I’m also responsible for the business planning (budgets, forecasting and monitoring performance) and for much of our marketing activities.


When I’m not working at helloworld Travel Richmond, I can be found working part time at the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco hotel.


I absolutely love being a business owner/operator – I love the challenge of growing our own business.


I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty special travel in recent years including trips to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (amazing), South Africa (unexpectedly beautiful), Canada and Alaska (incredible), UK and (a little of) Europe, and more. Earlier this year my travels included Japan (a helloworld Travel conference) and Shanghai (for my birthday), and on the cards for 2019 is Vietnam for another helloworld Travel conference.

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helloworld Travel Richmond

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03-544 6640

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