Rhonda Doole

Senior Travel Professional

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I joined Tim and Vicky at helloworld Travel Richmond in 2014 - I’ve worked in the travel industry virtually my entire working life in one capacity or another – and I still love it!

I think my secret to being a superb travel professional is, knowing where to look for “solutions” that best fit clients’ needs. I’m great at doing the research on products or destinations with which I’m not familiar, and… I’m part of a great team where I can draw on other people’s expertise.

In this job, it’s vital to keep learning and to stay up-to-date with many things such as airline product offerings, hotels, sightseeing, tours, cruise ships and much more! Since joining helloworld Travel Richmond in 2014 I’ve done a sailing holiday in Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast, which was followed by a cruise in the far north of Norway as far as the arctic circle. I’ve also had a holiday in South Australia and a sailing holiday in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands. In 2016, I had a (personal) sailing holiday in New Caledonia; in 2016, I also had a work trip to Cambodia and Vietnam (including a cruise on the Mekong River).

In 2017, I was lucky enough to do a Uniworld River Cruise in France, and separate trip to Portugal where I did a 9-day tour. I had five weeks off work in December/January in which time I visited New Orleans, Florida, Cuba, and then a sailing holiday aboard Star Clipper sailing ship visiting Barbados, St Kitts, Martinique, St Maarten and more.

I still love travelling and there’s nothing like personal experience to help sell a destination, or an airline to others!

I’m here four days a week – Thursday’s are my day off.

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