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  • 5 nights fr $1,734*

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    Peregrine | Cambodia Discovery

    6 days in Cambodia
    Cambodia's Angkor Wat is one of the most prominent attractions in all of South East Asia. Long considered 'lost', the ruins of Angkor were never really lost to the Khmers, who have used the monuments as religious sites throughout their history. The site includes the ancient city area of Angkor Thom, with its many carved-stone faces standing as silent witnesses to former days of glory, and Ta Prohm, a temple complex slowly...
  • 7 nights fr $1,836*

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    Peregrine | Essence of Vietnam

    8 days in Vietnam
    Spend a week in Vietnam discovering the highlights and traditions of this colourful country. This short adventure enables us to sample the Old World charm in this pocket of Asia that was part of the former French Indochina. But equally as evocative are the oriental influences that stem from a historic mix of Asian traders, settlers and indigenous people that have made this part of the world a cornerstone for empires and colonies. By visiting cities like Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi, we uncover that vibrant mix of the various major...
  • 8 nights fr $2,355*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Spirit of Southern Thailand

    9 days in Thailand
    There’s always a new part, a different side of Thailand to explore. Like a kaleidoscope, whichever way you turn a new place is uncovered, new colours are revealed, and unexpected delights appear. This 8-day trip begins in Bangkok and delves in-depth to the diverse Thonburi neighbourhood, before swapping the urban jungle for the incredible prehistoric forests of Khao Sok National Park. Based in unique boutique rainforest accommodation, explore the spectacular...
  • 10 nights fr $2,626*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Northern Thailand Unearthed

    11 days in Thailand
    Enjoy Bangkok’s bustling streets and sights before heading north to the serenity of Chiang Mai’s temples. Dip in to the traditional lifestyle of the Hmong people in an overnight lodge stay. Learn about the history of the Burma Railway and cycle around the ancient Thai capital of...
  • 13 nights fr $2,892*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Essence of South India

    14 days in India
    Travel to India and embark on this classic southern India tour from Chennai to Kovalam Beach. Lush, tropical southern India is charming, captivating and hospitable. Discover a thousand shades of green and share smiles with the friendly local people. Experience...
  • 11 nights fr $2,907*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Vietnam Food Explorer

    12 days in Vietnam
    Satisfy the hunger for adventure on this authentic food exploration of Vietnam. Taste your way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and fill the eyes with amazing sights, the stomach with delicious food and the heart with unforgettable experiences. The soul of Vietnam can be found in its cuisine and you will find it in the pho of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the bun bo of Hue, the cao lau soup of Hoi An and the broken rice of Ho Chi Minh City....
  • 14 nights fr $2,945*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Vintage Vietnam

    15 days in Vietnam
    From south to north, Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of wonderful people and picturesque landscapes. Imagine learning the mysteries of the Viet Minh in Ho Chi Minh City or exploring the beautiful lakes and boulevards of Hanoi – and what better way to get to...
  • 9 nights fr $2,971*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Borneo Adventure

    10 days in Malaysia
    With its dense rainforests, tropical coastal islands and mysterious jungle valleys, Borneo is a rare destination these days. It’s a place where you can still encounter nature in its truest form, with a rich variety of...
  • 12 nights fr $3,220*

    Peregrine | Thailand-Burma Railway - Limited Edition

    13 days in Myanmar
    Step back through history on this special journey along the Thai-Burma Railway from Yangon to Bangkok. Visit historic cemeteries, be moved by the thousands of names inscribed into local memorials, and ride along a section of the track past the River Kwai. While you’ll learn about the...
  • 16 nights fr $3,270*

    Peregrine | Rajasthan Revealed

    17 days in India
    If you asked our tour leaders where they would most like to go to in Rajasthan, this special tour would be it! The magic of Rajasthan can best be experienced by being a guest in some very special places and recipient to timeless Rajput hospitality. Overnight stays in ornate 'havelis' and historic palaces that are now heritage hotels enable us to sample the lifestyle of a maharaja, surrounded by opulence and grace. Visits to villages allow us to connect with the local...
  • 8 nights fr $3,400*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Everest in Style

    9 days in Nepal
    Embark on an unforgettable Everest adventure that makes no compromise on creature comforts. This new and unique itinerary combines the thrills of Nepal trekking with the very best available accommodation in the area. Surround yourself with the greatest mountain scenery in the world, combining an incredible sense of accomplishment with landscapes that must be seen with your own eyes to be truly appreciated. With time to soak up the unique atmosphere of...
  • 11 nights fr $3,632*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Golden Triangle & Varanasi

    12 days in India
    Visit India and explore the highlights of the north on this adventure tour from Delhi to Varanasi. Discover the 'Pink City' of Jaipur, witness the Mughal splendours of Delhi and Agra, safari through Ranthambhore National Park in search of tigers, and soak up the...
  • 7 nights fr $3,665*

    Peregrine | North Vietnam Coastal Cruising - Danang to Hanoi

    8 days in Vietnam
    Much of Vietnam’s stunning coastline, hundreds of miles long, is seen mostly by local fisherman. Small-ship adventure cruising, however, is a way of experiencing not only the must-see limestone scenery of Halong Bay, but also those destinations most travellers haven’t discovered yet. The star of this particular...
  • 7 nights fr $3,665*

    Peregrine | North Vietnam Coastal Cruising - Hanoi to Danang

    8 days in Vietnam
    Vietnam has hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline, but it’s mostly the local fisherman who get to see it. This new small-ship adventure cruise offers a chance to experience it in a way few tourists have. Starting in Hanoi, visit not only Halong Bay, historic Hue, and the important war sites of...
  • 7 nights fr $3,925*

    Peregrine | South Vietnam Coastal Cruising - Ho Chi Minh to Danang

    8 days in Vietnam
    Vietnam is a joy to explore on foot, but small-ship adventure cruising casts this classic Peregrine destination in a whole new light. Embark on a week of leisure and discovery along southern Vietnam’s beautiful blue-sea coast, from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang via Nha Trang, Hoi An and more. Drop anchor in quiet spots...
  • 7 nights fr $3,925*

    Peregrine | South Vietnam Coastal Cruising - Danang to Ho Chi Minh

    8 days in Vietnam
    It’s a delight to explore Vietnam on foot, but a small-ship adventure cruise sheds a whole new light on this beloved Peregrine destination. Set off for a week of discovery and leisure along the tranquil blue waters of Vietnam’s south coast. Dropping anchor in Hoi An, Nha Trang, Quy Nonh, Phan Tiet and more, encounter...
  • 11 nights fr $3,985*

    Peregrine | Vintage Nepal

    12 days in Nepal
    This adventure encompasses much of what makes Nepal so beloved by travellers. Whether you’re exploring the exotic capital of Kathmandu, discovering Pokhara, beneath awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks, or exploring the rural beauty around the hilltop village of Tansen, finding spirituality in...
  • 7 nights fr $4,035*

    Peregrine | Cruising Thailand & Malaysia - Penang to Phuket

    8 days in Thailand
    Discover the spectacular west coast of Malaysia and Thailand on a new small-ship adventure cruise with Peregrine. Between the more popular holiday destinations of Penang and Phuket, there’s a medley of laidback islands and villages to explore, each with their own charms – and often far fewer travellers to contend with. Live it up in idyllic Langkawi, choose...
  • 7 nights fr $4,035*

    Peregrine | Cruising Thailand & Malaysia - Phuket to Penang

    8 days in Thailand
    Enjoy the stunning west coast of Malaysia and Thailand on a new small-ship adventure cruise with Peregrine. Between the more popular holiday destinations of Phuket and Penang, there’s a medley of smaller islands and villages to explore, each with their own charms – and often far fewer travellers to contend with. Live it up in postcard-perfect Langkawi, choose from...
  • 7 nights fr $4,035*

    Peregrine | Indonesian Island Cruise

    8 days in Indonesia
    There’s no question that Bali’s a beauty, but just beyond Indonesia’s popular holiday island there’s a vast new world to explore. Join Peregrine on a small-ship adventure cruise to some of the most enchanting isles of the Indonesian archipelago: the tiny twin paradises of Saringi and Karamat, the incredible crater lake of Satonda, unspoiled Banta,...
  • 7 nights fr $4,060*

    Peregrine | Cruising the Thai Islands ex Phuket

    8 days in Thailand
    The spoils of Southern Thailand are no secret, but like in so many other paradise-like pockets of South East Asia, there’s always more to discover. Escape the tourists on a new Peregrine adventure cruise that takes in some of the most spectacular little islands off Thailand’s west coast. The Simian Islands, Ko Miang Ko Surin Tai and Khao...
  • 12 nights fr $4,355*

    Peregrine | Spirit of the Silk Road

    13 days in China
    Uncover the treasures of the famous Silk Route and witness the great clash of cultures on these ancient crossroads. This special itinerary not only takes in the markets, museums, monuments, and Buddhist and Islamic sites that make this region so magical – it delves deep into the heart of the Silk Road and ventures to...
  • 13 nights fr $4,455*

    Peregrine | South West China

    14 days in China
    From the dynamic Hongkong, to the picturesque Yangshuo to the mysterious Yunnan. This trip takes you on a journey through China's stunning nature in the southwest, blended with authentic ethnic culture of local minority groups. China’s Yunnan Province is widely regarded as the country’s most culturally diverse and scenically spectacular region. Sharing a common border with Vietnam, Laos and Burma, Yunnan is home to a...
  • 14 nights fr $4,535*

    Peregrine | Yangzi & Beyond

    15 days in China
    This trip weaves together China’s most famous icons. Shanghai’s bright lights, fevered trade and frenetic pace provide a glimpse into modern China and the dazzling global future. Zhouzhuang, the Venice of the East, is all canals, alleys and bridge arcs, where Marco Polo once wandered and wondered at the empire’s dynastic might. In Chengdu we observe the unique giant pandas in their struggle for survival. We relax on a Yangzi River cruise through the beautiful mountains above the Three Gorges dam, passing by picturesque rural villages still reliant on China’s most...
  • 13 nights fr $4,870*

    Peregrine | Magical Myanmar

    14 days in Myanmar
    The glories of this ancient land (now known as Myanmar) are revealed to travellers in this landmark journey. We start in Yangon, a city crowned by the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda, then fly to Mandalay, before journeying on the Ayeyarwady...
  • 11 nights fr $6,116*

    Last Minute Deal

    Peregrine | Explore Japan

    12 days in Japan
    Japan, a country steeped in mythical traditions and modern wonders. This journey uncovers the highlights of this fascinating country. Like the history, the country is varied and diverse: from the ancient cities like Kyoto to the historically relevant city of Hiroshima and on to the beautiful Edo era city of Takayama; countryside...
  • 8 nights fr $6,430*

    Peregrine | Bhutan: Dragon Kingdom

    9 days in Bhutan
    Bhutan is perhaps the most mysterious and diverse of all the Himalayan kingdoms, where for centuries a traditional Buddhist culture has thrived in isolation from the rest of the world. It is a country that puts its people and environment first – a place where progress is measured in gross national happiness not GDP, and that’s not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative. It’s a place of lush forested valleys, fortified monasteries, sacred mountains, and art and architecture unique to the region. This journey begins in Paro and heads straight to Thimphu, where...
  • 14 nights fr $7,525*

    Peregrine | Cruising the Coast of Vietnam - North to South

    15 days in Vietnam
    With miles of beautiful coastline, much of which most travellers don’t get the opportunity to witness, Vietnam shines with new light when seen from the comfort of a small cruise ship. Climb aboard the plush Panorama II for a memorable journey from Hanoi, in the north, to Ho Chi Minh City, in the south. Without forgetting iconic Ha Long Bay, lively Nha Trang and the old town of Hoi An, experience...
  • 14 nights fr $7,525*

    Peregrine | Cruising the Coast of Vietnam - South to North

    15 days in Vietnam
    Vietnam’s idyllic coastline is enjoyed mostly by local fisherman, with many travellers delving no deeper than the drawcards of Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang and the cities of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An. Peregrine adventure cruising offers the best of both worlds – a way to experience not only those must-see icons, but the smaller gems that remain obscure to the outside world. Swim and snorkel around tiny islands,...
  • 27 nights fr $9,595*

    Peregrine | Splendours of China

    28 days in China
    Take a journey into a land overflowing with ancient history, myth and legend but heading fast into the modern world. From contemporary Hong Kong, step back in time with the painterly scenery of the Yunnan and Guangxi provinces, where the Yangzi and Yalong rivers meander through dramatic limestone karsts and crash through the spectacular Tiger Leaping Gorge. Spend time with locals as you cook Chinese dishes, learn Tai Chi, stroll through minority tribe towns, and absorb the culture in a central square or at a local show. Take memorable hikes through rural landscapes with stunning views of ancient villages and temples, before heading north-east to Shanghai, where the bright lights, fevered trade and frenetic pace provide a glimpse into the...
Browse our best Asia unique experience deals by destination:
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