1. Turkish towel

These trendy threads are the most versatile item to pack for your summer travels. Turkish towels pack small, dry quickly and become softer with every wash. They are perfect for lounging on the beach and double as a scarf or sarong!

2. Linen shirt

You cannot go wrong with a white linen shirt for any occasion. The natural fibres breathe, keeping you cool and protecting your skin from the sun. The white shirt is also a style classic: layer it as a cover-up over your swimwear, tucked into your jeans or tied over a summer dress. Whether you’re sailing on a yacht or dressing up for an evening at dinner, it’s perfect for hot days or balmy nights.

3. Summer dress

Definitely pack a breezy summer dress to take you anywhere from sightseeing to romantic evenings. Choose something light and classy – dress up with heels or get comfortable with tennis shoes for your tours. It’s a chance to play with your wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to go for patterns or colour!

4. White sneakers

These are your daytime must-have for sightseeing. At home on a boat or on walking tours or relaxing on a beach, pair these with denim or your staple summer dress. I never travel without them.

5. Bath bag

It helps to stay organised on your busy trips. Always pack a gorgeous bath bag – how dreamy are the florals and whites! This will keep your suitcase free of clutter and make you smile every time you get ready for the day.

6. Statement earrings

This little item will elevate anything you pair it with. Add instant charm to your casual daywear or evening outfits. I’m packing my favourite pair!

Top Packing Tips for Touring Croatia