Try to wrangle a window seat if you’re arriving in Raro during daylight as the view from above is stunning. The stunning views and experiences do not stop there so keep your camera handy as Raro really is breath taking. 

There is a reef around the island, which creates calm and clear water surrounding the island beaches and they sure are beautiful. If you’re keen to explore this beautiful water, the activities are plentiful and just a couple on offer are; kayaking, paddle boarding, sea scootering and even night paddle boarding.

Muri lagoon is infamous with locals and tourists alike and you can explore this gorgeous area on a lagoon cruise. ‘Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruizes’ or ‘Koka Lagoon Cruise’ both run cruises departing from Muri beach where you will spend time snorkelling, enjoy a BBQ lunch, watch a cultural show and experience entertainment from the hilarious crew. 

Noni Juice is known for its health benefits and while the unique taste may not be for everyone, the factory is well worth a visit to see hear about the end to end process.

I don’t think you can put it down to the Noni Juice but the Cook Islanders are happy and charming people who are proud of their heritage and culture. To find out a bit more about the history of this island nation we visited ‘Te Ara- Cook Islands Museum of Cultural Enterprise’. This museum presents the history of the Cooks Islands with an engaging and insightful approach and providing a wonderful historical overview at the same time. ‘Museum’ is probably not the best way to describe Te Ara as it is so much more than this. Te Ara also is also a ‘business incubator’ for local artists and you can buy their goods in the onsite store. As well as this, Te Ara has a focus on sustainability and has been teaching local children about the effects of plastic on the environment in a fun and engaging way.

A short distance from Te Ara is ‘Rito’ which creates locally made products from coconuts. The process to extract the oil is really interesting to hear about and you will get a good run down and how they create their wonderful coconut oil and skin products. Take your wallet as the products are divine.

Cook Islands black pearls and very well-known and for good reason – they are simply beautiful. Pearl stores are plentiful around the island so if you’re in the market to buy pearls it’s worth shopping around. Each seller has different settings, a range of variety and amazing knowledge they can impart.

There is so much to do in Raro but the island is small, which makes it easy to do and see everything so remember to relax and set your watch to Raro time.