Most people thinking of Niue as a travel destination, really wouldn’t know exactly what to expect. Perhaps you’ve heard that the diving and whale-watching is world-class and that Niue offers superb soft adventure, like hiking and caving. But its much more than that. It’s a closely knit community, a destination with so much to offer. Arrive at the airport and your airplane is guided in by a local man, who you’ll soon discover is also a waiter at a resort and the Uga crab tour guide too.

So you’ve been to Fiji and Rarotonga. Niue really is nothing like it, apart from the warm tropical weather! Niue, sitting on a rock, is not your usual Pacific Island destination with white sandy beaches. In fact, only a small handful of tiny white sandy coves exist, but when you discover one down a bush sea track, you’re likely to be the only one around to enjoy it. So what's in it for me? 


July-October the annual Humpback Whale migration sees hundreds of whales travelling past the coral atoll of Niue. There is probably nowhere else in the world where you’d see whales so close to the shore. Enjoy a cocktail on deck at the Matavai Resort and watch the whales swim by.

Snorkeling & Diving

The water clarity is truly exceptional. Plus combined with some extraordinary dive sites, Niue is a snorkelers and divers paradise. The black and white sea snakes are harmless, honestly!

Hiking & Bushwalking

You could spend weeks on this small island and still not discover every hidden beach track and chasm walk. They are all spectacular and different in their own way. There is an adventure for everyone, some relatively flat and open walks lead to beautiful coastal views and chasms. There are also tougher hikes and climbs for the more adventurous, like Toga, descending by ladder into perhaps Niue’s greatest Chasm.

Culture & Religion

Niueans are religious people and Sunday is a day of worship. For that reason, you’ll wont find any local activities or eateries operating on Sundays. That being said, there is a very popular Sunday event, meals and drinks at Washaway Bar. This little establishment is ‘honesty box’ style self service and is a hit with the locals and travellers alike. A great opportunity to meet other travellers, and chat to the locals.


Safe to say, Niue isn’t known for restaurants and eateries lining the streets. But there are some great places to dine, including Matavai Resort, Falala Fa, R’Lina’s (for food and karaoke!), The Crazy Uga, the popular new Japanese restaurant Kaiika, and of course Washaway Bar on Sundays only.

…And that’s just skimming the surface! Check out the markets, golf course, fishing and a vast array of local tours.

What would you recommend doing in Niue? Let us know in the comment section.