ACT/Canberra Holidays

Discover more than you expect in Canberra.

Explore a city full of passionate locals, hidden collections and unexpected gems. Drink in our warm welcomes with cool wines. Share our sense of adventure on countless mountains. Be rejuvenated by the surprise of a winery at the end of your hike, or by a whisky bar behind an unmarked door.

Dine in restaurants with five stars, then sleep under a million more. Rejuvenate in a spa amongst botanic gardens. Balloon at dawn and rise above Parliament House. Admire art collections belonging to Australia, then collect bottles and stories from one of 30 wineries within a 30-minute drive. Fall asleep next to pacing lions, or wake up in rooms where Prime Ministers have walked. Unearth creativity not just in the national attractions, but in suburban backyards and dotted around the city. 

Get to know the real Canberra and plan your stay at

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  • 2 nights fr $265* pp

    QT Canberra

    Luxury Canberra Getaway | QT Canberra

    2 nights accommodation + added extras
  • 3 nights fr $429* pp

    Mercure Canberra

    Canberra | Mercure Canberra

    3 nights accommodation + added extras
Browse our best Australia holiday deals by destination:

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