Welcome to the ‘Treasured Islands of the South Pacific’. Take the opportunity to experience what differentiates Samoa from its neighbours - the Samoan traditions, sense of humour and the warm welcoming hospitality. The Samoan people take pride in everything they do, whether it’s through their culture, on the rugby field or the presentation of their villages. Explore the lush green forests that hug the mountain-side or the long stretches of white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons and fascinating waterfalls - all can be explored through tours or independently at your own pace. With a combination of these and a 4 hour flight from Auckland, you will no doubt be on your way to experiencing Samoa at its finest. 


Getting Married in Samoa

The magical island’s of Samoa is the perfect setting for your dream wedding. Picture the breathtaking sunsets, pristine lagoons, beautiful waterfalls or flourishing tropical flora as the backdrop for your special day. The Samoan hospitality and cultural presence will make it a moment to remember. Many resorts and tour operators in Samoa offer a range of personalised wedding packages to suit your needs and your budget. 


What it costs

Samoa is fast becoming a popular wedding destination, many of the resorts offer and arrange “no worry” wedding packages complete with ceremony, reception and honeymoon. Packages and prices vary from resort to suit all budgets. Couples can choose from a simple romantic ceremony for two to a complete island style ceremony with all friends and family. We have put together some examples for you, however please contact your Travel Agent for information on wedding packages available. 


What you need

• Birth certificates and a letter from the marriage office of permanent residence verifying that the couples have never been married before.

• A decree absolute if either of the couple has previously been married.

• A minimum of 3 days residency in Samoa

• An application for a marriage licence – this must be filed with the Justice Department in Apia along with copies of the relevant documentation, no less than 14 days prior to the intended date of marriage. The cost of the application is approximately WST$60. You can apply directly to the Justice Department in Apia, ph (685) 22671, fax (685) 21050 or email


(Please note: There are restricted days, when weddings are not permitted in Samoa. Marriage licence prices are subject to change without notification. Resort wedding prices may vary.)