If you are looking for a fabulous place to stay then look no further than the Driskill Hotel. Situated in the middle of the city you are right in the heart of downtown Austin and within a very short walking distance of the amazing live music venues that the city boasts. This old age glamour hotel has been carefully restored to maintain its original beauty and  if you speak to the staff then they will be able to tell you some fascinating tales from within the walls of this iconic hotel.

Live music is rife in Austin and you are guaranteed to hear some truly talented musicians playing county, western, jazz and more. If you are scouting out some of this infamous music then, 6th Street, 4th St or Congress Avenue could be a good place to start as these streets are widely known as the entertainment district and you will be sure to find something happening on any night of the week. During the weekend 6th Street is closed off to traffic and welcomes people to openly stroll the street. This creates a wonderful vibe which is added to by the very cool roof top bars around. And if in doubt of where to go next then don’t hesitate to ask a local, they are very friendly and accommodating. Having a Kiwi accent does help a bit! 

The dining scene in Austin does offer  a true taste of Texas with those great BBQ flavours and slow cooked meat. But there is also much more than that on offer as there are some truly delicious Japanese, French and Bistro style dining options. 

What else to do?

- If you have ever heard about the USA chain Wholefoods then the store in Austin is one to check out, it is huge!

- The annual South by South West festival is a mecca for anyone interested in anything digital, music or film related

- Barton Springs is a pool open year around, which is fed from underwater springs. If you love the water and swimming pools then you are guaranteed to love Barton Springs

- Shopping! There is an eclectic mix of shops which offer some real gems

- The Texas State Capitol building is stunning and worth a look

Austin is a vibrant city with a growing population, which is reflected in the on-going development. The developing population is especially evident within the 25-35 age bracket, which the city seems to accommodate very well. It seems that students from the University of Texas may have arrived for College and never left. This must be an accolade to the wonderful city that is Austin. 

Have you ever been to Austin before?  Let us know what you would recommend in the comments below.