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Hi, I have joined the great team at helloworld Travel Thames to be part of the wonderful world of travel - IT'S MY PASSION.

By getting to know you, you let me be part of your journey in  creating all of your travel plans. From a quick flight here, or insurance there, to your next dream holiday from the very beginning to the welcome home and everything  in between with a smile and a can-do enthusiastic, professional & friendly manner.

My own travel extends to our own beautiful country from the very tip to very bottom of both islands. I have also been to England 3 times and many countries in Europe including a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, and in 2019 I will be travelling to the UK. I’ve been to China; a vast and amazing country, sailed around the Fiji islands on a yacht; nothing better. I have been to Bali and experienced the colour and flavour that only Bali can deliver from the beaches to the Volcano. Canada has been another destination, especially Vancouver & Vancouver Island. You can walk until your hearts content. I’ve been to the Calgary Stampede, and what a place to go, experience being a cowboy or cowgirl for a week. Hawai'i is another, swimming in the blue water of Waikiki to visiting Pearl Harbour. Let’s go to  Las Vegas!,  not to be missed, walking down the strip at night with the music and fountains take a trip out to the Grand Canyon, spectacular! I have also visited Australia quite a few times to all different places always easy & something different to see.

My latest trip this year was to Scandinavia – Demark, Sweden & Norway, its beauty & people, I would go again, and also the Top to Toe of Italy from Venice to Sicily on a train visiting such glorious places and revelling in all that history, stopping off in Singapore for the 3rd time, visit Gardens by the Bay for half a day or the Night Safari at the zoo always something new to do.

So come on in and see me, let me be part of your travelling future.

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