We at helloworld Travel Porirua have been selling travel for over 30 years in Porirua and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Over that time there have been significant changes to the way travel is booked. From the days when all you had was a phone and everything was on paper. Today the phone is still there, the paper is still there but now we have computer systems for everything, and love it or hate it we have the internet.

The internet is both an enemy and a blessing to the modern travel agents. It competes for our business and in doing so challenges the travel agent to be better informed, to work harder and to be more in tune with what our clients want and ultimately to provide a better service.  It is also one of the best tools available to the travel agent to help bring their clients travel dreams into reality.  The internet brings access to information, contacts, suppliers, and other travellers experiences from all parts of the world. All the travel agent has to do is sift through it all and use the bits that are relevant for their clients travel.

We at helloworld Travel Porirua have embraced the modern with the best from the old days. We still love talking with and listening to our clients, face-to-face, it is the only way to make sure what we deliver is what our client is seeking.

Our team of Bill, David, Jewel and Grace have a combined total of over 75 years of travel industry experience. Travel and selling travel (or more correctly making memories) is our passion. We look forward to helping you make your travel dreams a reality!

Emergency after hours contact: 021 468 053

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Emergency after hours contact:
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