Renee Temple

Travel Professional

helloworld Travel Rototuna, Hamilton

07-560 4848

DDI: 07-849 7728

My passion for travel and adventure first started when I was in school. The excitement of unique adventures and realising bucket list experiences is something that truly inspires me and that’s the very reason why I am in this most incredible industry.

I just love engaging with customers to help create and plan the most memorable travel experience – this fuels my love for the travel industry.

Whether it is kicking back somewhere warm in the Islands, a cruise through the Mediterranean, a coach tour through glorious Europe or back packing through the many jaw dropping destinations of South America I am here to listen and partner with you to turn your travel dreams into memorable travel realities.

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helloworld Travel Rototuna, Hamilton

44 Horsham Downs Rd

07-560 4848

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