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Iceland is a hiking destination that rivals the best in the world.On this trip you’ll see some of Iceland's famous waterfalls whilst traversing the island from west to east. For the first seven nights you’ll rest in modern and cozy hotel accommodation, and then for two nights you’ll stay in warm backcountry cabins, for a classic Icelandic hiking experience in the Eastern Fjordland region.Also on this diverse adventure you’ll have the chance to view puffin, kayak on a tranquil lagoon and hike up and down an offshore archipelago volcano. Now is the time to visit Iceland - join us during the Northern Hemisphere summer to experience this Nordic wonder.

  • What's Included

    All accommodations
    Local hotels chosen for their comfort, charm and sublime views. On the 'Stelkur' multi-day trip you'll stay in backcountry cabins.

    All activities
    Iceland's wilderness provides the perfect playground for hiking, kayaking and wildlife viewing. So expect plenty of that, plus some fascinating historical site visits.

    All guiding services
    Two experienced guides per trip. In Iceland you'll have a Kiwi guide and a team of local Icelandic guides, meaning you'll get the best of both worlds in terms of local knowledge and legendary hospitality.

    All meals
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You'll be treated to a culinary experience, to rival any in the world.

    All transport once at your joining hotel
    When you're not travelling under your own steam, there will be comfortable air-conditioned vans to stretch your legs.

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  • Itinerary


    Our trip begins in Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital and Iceland’s cultural hub. If you’ve flown in this morning, you’ll be free to make your own way from Keflavík International Airport to the city. Bear in mind you won't be able to check-in to your hotel until 2pm, so we recommend unwinding after your flight at the famous Blue Lagoon hot pools that are on the way to Reykjavík - remember to keep your swimwear handy!  After dropping your bags at the hotel you’ll have some free time to take in the vibrant streets - grab some last-minute gear at the many outdoor clothing stores or explore the harbour. Later, we’ll all meet at the hotel bar for a trip briefing and a welcome drink, where you’ll get to know your fellow travellers and guides before having a delicious meal in a local restaurant. You might find your first evening a little strange, to be strolling around in daylight!Hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Reykjavík (Dinner)



    Today the adventure really begins, as we head north east to Þingvellir National Park, home to Iceland’s first National Assembly.  We’ll stretch our legs at our first waterfall called Öxàrarfoss (‘foss’ is Icelandic for waterfall). As strange as it may sound, this is actually a human-made waterfall, as the water was diverted, back in the 9th Century, to provide members and visitors of the Icelandic parliament ‘Althingi’ with water. There are further fascinating folklores about this region that you’ll soon discover! After enjoying a traditional Icelandic meat soup for lunch we’ll continue towards the highlands, with stops to learn about Iceland’s Laugarvatan cave people, view the original Geysir Nature Reserve and the Gullfoss waterfall.Flúðir Hótel, Flúðir (All meals)Hiking Distance: We'll explore the Nature Reserve, so do as much or as little as you like.



    This morning we’ll journey south down the coast to board a ferry. Our scenic crossing takes us to the bustling fishing port of Haeimaey, the only inhabited island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. This tiny island hosts a recent, rich volcanic history that we’ll learn about at the world class Eldheimar Exhibition. After fuelling up the body we’ll experience the lava fields with a volcanic hike to the Eldfell peak. At the top you’ll be rewarded with views across to the mainland and a further appreciation for the 1973 eruption. For those that feel up to it, there's the option to continue on and complete the 'Three Peaks Hike'.Hótel Vestmannaeyjar, Vestmannaeyjar (All meals)Hiking Distance: 2 kilometres (1.2 miles), 2-3 hoursElevation Gain: 200 metres (656 feet)Elevation Loss: 200 metres (656 feet)Optional Hike: 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles), 0.5-1 hourElevation Gain: 200 metres (656 feet)Elevation Loss: 200 metres (656 feet)Optional Hike: 1.8 kilometres (1.1 miles), 0.5-1 hourElevation Gain: 150 metres (492 feet)Elevation Loss: 150 metres (492 feet)



    After returning to the mainland we’ll take a hike to the top of Iceland’s most famous and spectacular waterfalls; first to Seljalandsfoss (where we can also walk behind the falls) and then to Skógafoss. After lunch we’ll hunt for stone trolls along the wild and beautiful South Coast - these trolls occupy an immense portion of Icelandic folklore, described as big, stupid and greedy, but sometimes kind and wise... Our journey continues alongside the soaring sea cliffs and moss-covered lava fields, where we’ll be able to see the infamous E15 ‘Eyjafjallajökull’ Volcano, Vatnajökull ice cap and its outlet glaciers. Tonight, we’ll relax in a wonderful, locally-run guesthouse. Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon, Öraefi (All meals)1st Hike Distance: 0.5 kilometres (0.3 miles), 0.5-1 hourElevation Gain: 20 metres (65 feet)Elevation Loss: 20 metres (65 feet)2nd Hike Distance: 5 kilometres (3 miles), 1-2 hoursElevation Gain: 90 metres (300 feet)Elevation Loss: 90 metres (300 feet)



    Pack your binoculars this morning as we’re looking for ‘Lundi’, also known as puffin, Iceland’s iconic and beloved bird. As we hike the high sea cliffs of the Ingólfshöfði headland we’ll also catch glimpses of guillemots and skuas. Please note, in September the puffins will have gone out to sea. However, we'll still enjoy this adventurous hike. After our hike and a bite to eat we’ll head off to view yet another waterfall, known as Svartifoss, where nearby there are views across Europe’s largest outlet glacier, Skeiðarárjökull.Optional: Ice Hike (extra fee applies)An alternative option to the afternoon's waterfall hike is to strap on crampons, pick up an ice axe and hike on the Svínafellsjökull glacier! Led by specialist glacier guides you’ll explore amazing ice formations checking out the crevasses, seracs, tunnels and pools of glacial meltwater - no previous experience is required! The constant movement of the glacier means every day is different, so your guides will cut steps in the ice and make sure you make the most of the conditions. The ice hike is popular, so we offer advance reservations with the guiding company. At the time of booking, or up until one month before your trip, we can reserve a space for you, or you can leave your decision until the start of your trip and your guides will get you a spot, if it’s available. Afterwards, we’ll regroup and head back to our accommodation, for another relaxing evening. Guesthouse, Öraefi (All meals) 1st Hike Distance: 3 kilometres (1.9 miles), 2.5-3 hoursElevation Gain: 200 metres (656 feet)Elevation Loss: 200 metres (656 feet)2nd Hike Distance: 5.5 kilometres (3.4 miles), 1-2 hoursElevation Gain: 100 metres (324 feet)Elevation Loss: 100 metres (324 feet)Optional Ice hike on Svínafellsjökull Glacier: 1-2 hours on the ice, 2.5-3 hours total time for experience.



    After breakfast we’ll visit Jökulsárlón Lagoon, a photographer’s dream and a spot where you may see seals playing amongst the icebergs. After hiking the entire length of Iceland’s shortest river (blink and you’ll miss it), we’ll end up on the beach surrounded by stranded icebergs. After lunch it’s time to swap our hiking boots for a kayak paddle and venture out on the Heinabergsjökull Lagoon. Our professional kayak guides will keep you warm and dry, supplying you with all the necessary gear. We’ll explore amongst the icebergs and if conditions permit, get up close to the terminal face! For anyone flying joining our 7-day 'Lundi' trip, you'll take a short domestic flight at 5:50pm back to Reykjavik.Hótel Höfn or similar, Höfn (All meals)Hiking Distance: Iceland's shortest river, around 2-3 hoursSea Kayaking Distance: 8 kilometres (5 miles), 2-3 hoursIf you're short on time, this is where the 7-day 'Stelkur' trip finishes.



     This morning we’ll journey north east to the small town of Egilsstaðir. We’ll continue onto the deep fjord, the harbour of the coastal village of Seydisfjordur, to begin the hike. Set out over green mountains and plateaus, we’ll hike down to the uninhabited Lodmundarfjordur, which was, for many years, one of the most isolated and inaccessible communities in Iceland. Tonight we’ll be in one of Iceland’s charming backcountry cabins, situated in the southernmost creek of the Víknaslóðir hiking trail. For those still with energy, there’s another optional walk after dinner down to the beach. You’ll sleep well tonight, warmed by the log fire that keeps this cabin cosy!Loðmundafjörður hut (All meals)Hiking Distance: 15.2 kilometres (9.5 miles), 5-7 hoursElevation Gain: 600 metres (1970 feet)Elevation Loss: 600 metres (1970 feet)



    Our multi-day hike will start with a morning walk to the old chapel at the foot of the beautiful fjord, then we’ll continue along the north seashore of Lodmundarfjordur. Loðmundarfjorður fjord is an impressive valley, which, at the turn of the 20th century, was home to 100 people thanks to rich farmlands and accessible fishing grounds. The hike leads through the massive Loðmundarskriður, formed thousands of years ago when the adjacent mountain literally burst forth. Situated in the southernmost creek of the Víknaslóðir hiking trail, at the foot of the Skælingur Peak. For those still with energy, there’s another optional walk after dinner, down to the beach to visit a quaint church that was in service until the seventies.Húsavík Cabin, Inlet Húsavík (All meals)Hiking Distance: 15 kilometres (9.3 miles), 5-6 hoursElevation Gain: 600 metres (1970 feet)Elevation Loss: 600 metres (1970 feet)



    We continue south this morning, over another low mountain range towards Inlet Húsavík. If weather permits today, we’ll take a side hike up Mount Hvítserkur, a peak that certainly stands out in this region, with its light-coloured grey/yellow. This is a challenging, optional hike, though offers the best way to soak in the views of the Eastern Fjord! This afternoon we end up in another deserted inlet known as Breiðavík, where we can enjoy the calm lapping of the Atlantic waves on this stunning and colourful beach. The only building in the area is our cosy home for the evening, a backcountry cabin in a stunning green valley, surrounded by rhyolite hills. You’ll be blown away by the emptiness of this place, and if you're here later in the season, the starry night sky - you won't find light pollution out here!Breiðavík Cabin, Inlet Breiðavík (All meals)Hiking Distance: 13 kilometres (8 miles), 5-7 hoursElevation Gain: 550 metres (1804 feet)Elevation Loss: 500 metres (1640 feet)



    On this last day, we ‘ll drive to the picturesque little village of Borgarfjörður Eystri and take time to explore the puffin colony at Hafnarhólmi. Nearly 10,000 pairs of puffins nest every summer here and this is probably the easiest and safest place to watch puffins in Iceland. We’ll take the short drive back to Egilsstaðir (the village we passed through a few days ago). Believe it or not, there’s actually an airport here, so after some refreshments we’ll take a short 1-hour flight back to Reykjavík. We’ll be staying back in the Hotel Reykjavik Centrum, which as the name suggests, is centrally located, meaning you’ll have a final chance to easily explore this vibrant and small city. We’ll share our last night’s meal together at a local restaurant - a perfect opportunity to relive the adventures shared together with new-found friends.Hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Reykjavik (All meals)



    This morning breakfast will be provided at the hotel, and if you’re flying home today you're free to make your own way to the Keflavík International Airport. If you’re staying on for longer, drop us a line for recommendations! (Breakfast)


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