South America Tours

From Patagonian glaciers to the mysterious Inca ruins of Machu Picchu discover a continent of extremes. Feel tango rhythms in Buenos Aires, the spray of the Iguazú Falls, the Atacama Desert’s stillness and the wonder of nature in the Amazon.

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  • 2 nights fr $1,065* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Iguazu Falls Experience - Independent

    3 days in Brazil
    Consisting of 275 separate cascades, the spectacular Iguazu Falls are situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil and are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and national parks. This four-day Independent...
  • 6 nights fr $1,720* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Inca Trail Express

    7 days in Peru
    Travel to Peru to retrace the steps of the Inca, Peru's fascinating ancient civilisation. Travel from Cusco, through the fertile heartland of the Sacred Valley and to the magnificent Ollantaytambo ruins...
  • 6 nights fr $4,580* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Argentina & Brazil Highlights

    7 days in Argentina
    Begin in Buenos Aires, South America's liveliest and most cosmopolitan city, exploring the grand architecture of Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta's iconic cemetery and bubbling La Boca. Witness the grand power of Iguazu Falls and choose whether to take an exhilarating boat trip to the thunderous base of the...
  • 9 nights fr $5,320* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Chile & Argentina

    10 days in Chile
    There are few better ways to gain insight into a country and its people than with a glass of wine. A sip provides a taste of the earth that has nourished and grown a people; of the natural elements that have both aided and hindered civilisation; and a taste of the hard work, talent, and love of the people themselves. This journey through Chile and Argentina visits two...
  • 15 nights fr $7,190* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Amazon Jungle & Inca Adventure

    16 days in Peru
    Lima is shrouded in history with glorious Spanish colonial buildings and grand museums dotted throughout this grand capital. The Amazon Basin contains the biggest river by volume and the largest tropical rainforest in the world. We discover the incredibly rich biodiversity of this environment on a journey by boat and on foot before returning to Lima. From Lima we fly to the former Inca stronghold of Cusco, where we have plenty of time to soak up the colourful local life. After catching a train to the town of Aguas Calientes, we...
  • 9 nights fr $8,992* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Ultimate Galapagos: Central Islands (Grand Daphne)

    10 days in Ecuador
    When it comes to encountering wildlife up close and personal, a voyage to the Galapagos Islands really is an experience like no other. Head underwater off Isla Santa Cruz, Bartolome or Isla Isabela and you'll be snorkelling with sea lions, white-tipped reef sharks, sea turtles and penguins. Look to the skies in North...
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