Contiki | Mykonos & Santorini Island Escape (Summer 2022)

Right now there are no two hotter European destinations than Mykonos and Santorini, and on our Island Escape you'll soon understand why.

Endless blue and white buildings, ancient sights, azure waters, buzzing party nights and lazy sun-soaked days - if this isn't your picture of paradise, we don't know what is. Start it off with historical vibes and city life in Athens, before we hit these idyllic islands for what might just be the best week of your life. Water, sand, sunshine, delicious eats... the word bliss just doesn't do it justice.

Tour Operator: Contiki
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      • 6 Aug 22
      • 14 Aug 22
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      • 17 Aug 22
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      • 20 Aug 22
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      • 1 Sep 22
      • $4,247
      • 27 Aug 22
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      • 10 Sep 22
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      • 20 Sep 22
      • 28 Sep 22
      • $3,529
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  • Itinerary

    Day 1 - Start Athens

    Calling all Greek gods & goddesses - welcome to the heart of ancient Greece! This evening you'll meet your fellow travellers at our hotel and we'll enjoy an included dinner together tonight before our real adventures begin tomorrow.


    Day 2 - Athens to Mykonos

    After breakfast we have a free morning to enjoy Athens as you like, as well as an included walking tour of the top sights. Our time in Athens was amazing and well worth delaying our island time for. But delay it further? We shall not... Let's do this! 3 nights on the island of Mykonos, how did we get so lucky? Even the boat ride across the Aegean will have you awe struck and in love.


    Day 3 - Mykonos

    Here we are on a day when it feels completely fabulous to be alive. You're in Mykonos baby! And the day is yours to soak up sunshine and play in the sea. Tonight we head out for some free time to enjoy the local cuisine before enjoying some of Mykonos's famed nightlife.


    Day 4 - Mykonos

    Set your watch to island time and enjoy a glorious day soaking up the laid-back vibe of Mykonos.


    Day 5 - Mykonos to Santorini

    This morning, let's spare a thought for all those travellers who only have the time and money to visit just one Greek Island. Those poor unfortunate souls... We're taking to the seas again, this time in search of the island of Santorini. It's finally your turn to be the one lulling about the white-washed blue dome churches looking like a sultry summer babe.  Home to the famous Oia sunset, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Ah, life.


    Day 6 - Santorini

    Rise and shine, Greek Island travellers! The island of Santorini will not explore itself. Take a swim at Perissa Beach, eat the local specialty of fried tomato balls known as domatokeftedes, and roam the streets of Fira.


    Day 7 - Santorini

    The beautiful thing about having two full days on the one island is you have time to both relax and explore. Whatever you didn't do yesterday is still up for grabs today. If you feel like you've crammed it all in already, just head to the black or red sand beaches and spend another glorious day ocean-side. Just remember to plan your day around the excursion to the iconic sunset of Oia - this is not something you're going to want to miss.


    Day 8 - Santorini to Athens

    It's our last full day on trip - best hit up a big city we know and love and cause a little harmless havoc. Goodbye Santorini you sun soaked beauty, we're off to Athens.  On arrival in Athens, tick off any last sightseeing you missed in this time capsule of a city tonight.


    Day 9 - End Athens

    The moment we'd all been dreading - the goodbyes. As sad as they are, at least you have the memories. And another 300+ Contiki trips to jump aboard! Make the most of your last free breakfast before you kick on to your next port of call.


    Mykonos & Santorini Island Escape (Summer 2022)
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