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Embark on an unforgettable journey through Asia with Costsaver, where every moment is a new adventure waiting to be discovered! From the friendly locals and world class food of Thailand to the tranquil temples of Japan, Costsaver invites you to explore the wonders of Asia without breaking the bank. You’ll get the chance to see the beauty of Asia your way without having to worry about the admin, Costsaver takes care of that for you.  You’ll get to dive into the vibrant culture and rich history of destinations like Beijing, where the Great Wall whispers tales of ancient empires, or immerse yourself in the temples located deep in the jungles of Cambodia. Experience Asia your way with Costsaver.

  • 10 nights fr $2,460* pp

    Last Minute Deal

    Costsaver | Wonders of Turkey

    11 days in Turkey
    East meets West in this Turkish extravaganza which reveals the Byzantine and Ottoman past of Istanbul, the fairy-tale landscapes of Cappadocia and som...
    Tour Operator: Costsaver
  • 9 nights fr $3,225* pp

    Costsaver | Highlights of Bali and Java

    10 days in Indonesia
    Tropical islands, ancient temples, delicious food and rich culture await you on this 10 day adventure through Bali and Java, two of the most incredibl...
    Tour Operator: Costsaver
  • 11 nights fr $3,325* pp

    Costsaver | Icons of India

    12 days in India
    Get out there and discover why India is something special, from the vibrant streets of Delhi to the Pink City of Jaipur and the sunset romance of the ...
    Tour Operator: Costsaver
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