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  • 5 nights fr $2,255* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Cambodia Discovery

    6 days in Cambodia
    Cambodia's Angkor Wat is one of the most prominent attractions in all of South East Asia. Long considered 'lost', the ruins of Angkor were never really lost to the Khmers, who have used the monuments as religious sites throughout their history. The site includes the ancient city area of Angkor Thom, with its many carved-stone faces standing as silent witnesses to former days of glory, and Ta Prohm, a temple complex slowly...
  • 13 nights fr $2,950* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Essence of South India

    14 days in India
    Travel to India and embark on this classic southern India tour from Chennai to Kovalam Beach. Lush, tropical southern India is charming, captivating and hospitable. Discover a thousand shades of green and share smiles with the friendly local people. Experience...
  • 16 nights fr $3,105* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Rajasthan Revealed

    17 days in India
    If you asked our tour leaders where they would most like to go to in Rajasthan, this special tour would be it! The magic of Rajasthan can best be experienced by being a guest in some very special places and recipient to timeless Rajput hospitality. Overnight stays in ornate 'havelis' and historic palaces that are now heritage hotels enable us to sample the lifestyle of a maharaja, surrounded by opulence and grace. Visits to villages allow us to connect with the local people...
  • 10 nights fr $3,290* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Jewels of Uzbekistan

    11 days in Uzbekistan
    Journey back to the days of the Great Silk Road with the medieval cities, stunning architecture and turbulent history of Uzbekistan. Begin in modern, cosmopolitan Tashkent and voyage out into the deserts to uncover 2000-year-old fortress cities lost in the sands of time....
  • 11 nights fr $3,650* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Vietnam Food Explorer

    12 days in Vietnam
    Satisfy the hunger for adventure on this authentic food exploration of Vietnam. Taste your way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and fill the eyes with amazing sights, the stomach with delicious food and the heart with unforgettable experiences. The soul of Vietnam can be found in its cuisine and you will find it in the pho of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the bun bo of Hue, the cao lau soup of Hoi...
    Theme: Food Collection
  • 9 nights fr $3,880* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Borneo Adventure

    10 days in Malaysia
    With its dense rainforests, tropical coastal islands and mysterious jungle valleys, Borneo is a rare destination these days. It’s a place where you can still encounter nature in its truest form, with a rich variety of...
    Theme: Wildlife
  • 13 nights fr $3,900* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Jewels of Sri Lanka

    14 days in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka has just about everything a traveller could want – superb ancient sites, magnificent scenery, amazing wildlife, delicious cuisine, incredibly welcoming people and palm-fringed, white sandy beaches. Add to this a history touched by Portuguese, Dutch and British influences...
  • 14 nights fr $4,040* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Vintage Vietnam

    15 days in Vietnam
    From south to north, Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of fascinating history, hospitable people and picturesque landscapes. Imagine learning the mysteries of the Viet Minh in Ho Chi Minh City or exploring the beautiful lakes and boulevards of Hanoi, and what better way to get to know the locals than to be their...
  • 11 nights fr $4,665* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Vintage Nepal

    12 days in Nepal
    This adventure encompasses much of what makes Nepal so beloved by travellers. You’ll explore the exotic capital of Kathmandu, discover Pokhara beneath awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks, visit the rural beauty around the hilltop village of Tansen, find spirituality in Lumbini (the...
    Theme: Wildlife
  • 8 nights fr $5,440* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Bhutan: Dragon Kingdom

    9 days in Bhutan
    Bhutan is perhaps the most mysterious and diverse of all the Himalayan kingdoms, where for centuries a traditional Buddhist culture has thrived in isolation from the rest of the world. It is a country that puts its people and environment first – a place where progress is measured in gross national happiness not GDP, and that’s not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative. It’s a place of lush forested valleys, fortified monasteries, sacred mountains, and art and architecture unique to the region. This journey begins in Paro and heads straight to Thimphu, where...
  • 16 nights fr $5,955* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Yangzi & Beyond

    17 days in China
    This trip weaves together China’s most famous icons. Walk an original section of the great wall and revel in the big show of Beijing. A city within a city of incredible scale and detail awaits, as well as serenely set palaces of sublime beauty and construction, and the full panoply of China’s people. A short high speed train ride away, in Xian, the famous Terracotta Warriors fascinate for their evocative detail, while a walk of the wider city finds us deep in the rarely seen exotica of the Muslim Quarter. The narrow streets, colourful markets and quiet mosques are surviving remnants of Silk...
  • 11 nights fr $8,655* pp

    Unique Experience

    Peregrine | Explore Japan

    12 days in Japan
    Japan is a country steeped in fascinating historic traditions and modern wonders, and this 12-day journey uncovers the highlights. Like the history, the country is varied and diverse – from the ancient once-capital of Kyoto to the wartime reminders in Hiroshima, the beautiful Edo-era city of Takayam to the bustling metropolis of...
Browse our best Asia tour deals by destination:

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