Contiki | Vienna to Rome Trail

Krakow & Ljubljana sound familiar? Probably not. That's because the Vienna to Rome Trail is about blazing a new trail.

But just to keep things interesting we sandwich the obscure between hotspots like Venice & Vienna. It doesn't get much better than 9 brimming days to explore a lot of Europe.

Tour Operator: Contiki
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      • 22 Apr 23
      • 30 Apr 23
      • $2,104
      • 6 May 23
      • 14 May 23
      • $2,231
      • 13 May 23
      • 21 May 23
      • $2,231
      • 27 May 23
      • 4 Jun 23
      • $2,299
      • 5 Jun 23
      • 13 Jun 23
      • $2,299
      • 10 Jun 23
      • 18 Jun 23
      • $2,299
      • 17 Jun 23
      • 25 Jun 23
      • $2,435
      • 26 Jun 23
      • 4 Jul 23
      • $2,435
      • 3 Jul 23
      • 11 Jul 23
      • $2,435
      • 10 Jul 23
      • 18 Jul 23
      • $2,435
      • 15 Jul 23
      • 23 Jul 23
      • $2,435
      • 22 Jul 23
      • 30 Jul 23
      • $2,435
      • 5 Aug 23
      • 13 Aug 23
      • $2,435
      • 19 Aug 23
      • 27 Aug 23
      • $2,354
      • 26 Aug 23
      • 3 Sep 23
      • $2,354
      • 9 Sep 23
      • 17 Sep 23
      • $2,354
      • 7 Oct 23
      • 15 Oct 23
      • $2,354
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  • Itinerary

    Day 1 - Start Vienna

    We'll arrive in Vienna full of excitement and ready for coffee & sachertorte, otherwise known as the world's greatest chocolate cake. Get to know your new travel squad over dinner tonight, and maybe a few schnaps, since we're in Austria after all.


    Day 2 - Vienna to Krakow

    Rise up travellers and start practicing your Polish pleasantries, we'll be in Krakow later today so they may come in handy.  Today we will change pace once we cross the border, as we drop to an unfamiliar and sobering level by visiting the concentration camp memorials of Auschwitz & Birkenau. Learning and growing is what we travellers do. Then afterwards its onto the city of Krakow, which is now known for its salt mining heritage and tales of mythical dragons. Relax tonight as we have all day tomorrow to explore.


    Day 3 - Krakow

    A Jewish Quarter, a jaw-dropping castle & museums aplenty are just some of the relics found in the relatively untouched Krakow. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed centre should occupy your free time.


    Day 4 - Krakow to Budapest

    Alpine scenery and traditional villages will make our departure from Krakow more manageable. Particularly with the knowledge that we have Budapest coming up in the eve. Pastel painted and manicured to perfection, Banska Bystrica is a lunch break that will charm you to no end. Being in Slovakia, it's also your chance to brag 3 countries in one day - you crazy globetrotter you. Welcome to Hungary! Coming in at number 3 on our list of countries ticked off through the day. From the moment we arrive in the river split city, you'll understand why we needed a couple of nights here. Waste no time getting involved with Budapest by joining the optional river cruise and dinner.


    Day 5 - Budapest

    The day is yours to tackle Budapest however you see fit. After all the travelling we've done, you've probably earned yourself an afternoon soaking in the city's famous outdoor thermal pools set amongst Art Nouveau architecture. Blissed out in Budapest - there's an insta caption for you. If gardens, fountains, pools and ruins are the call of your day, put Margaret Island top and centre of your to do list.


    Day 6 - Budapest to Ljubljana

    This morning we say goodbye to the city of Budapest and head south to Slovenia! Though the name Ljubljana might not be as well known as Budapest, that doesn't diminish its delight as a European city. In fact, its undiscovered charm is all part of the fascination... WOW is probably the one word we hear in unison as we pull up at this jaw dropping lake. Don't forget to keep your swimmers out today, this is the perfect place for a dip to break up the journey, and grab a few lust-worthy snaps.  Aesthetically wonderful and filled with youthful moods, Ljubljana is one to love for its off the tourist trail vibes and casual attitude. Without a list of monuments to tick off, you're free to get cozy in a cafe and lap up the endless local feels.


    Day 7 - Ljubljana to Venice

    Ever the advocates of a balanced holiday, today we're trading in the obscure unknown for the globally adored hot spot of Venice. Whoop! Yes, it's as cute as you imagine. Yes, you'll feel like you're part of an Italian fairytale. Yes, you are actually hanging out in the gondola clad floating city of Venice! A private boat ride, gothic architecture and a web of lanes to explore will keep your day filled quite nicely.


    Day 8 - Venice to Rome

    Farewell floating city, but Italy, we're not done with you yet, our next destination the Eternal City is just around the corner. The afternoon will really take it up a notch as we uncover Italian icons in the country's capital of Rome as you get a glimpse of it's glory by night. Gelato, pizza and ancient monuments - perfecto!


    Day 9 - End Rome

    The best week of your life has almost come to an end, hug it out after breakfast & make plans to reunite outside of Rome.


    Vienna to Rome Trail
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