Contiki | Egypt &; The Nile | Summer  2025

Step into the ancient world of Egypt and discover the Great Pyramids.

Experience the captivating chaos of Cairo, spend 3 nights gently floating down the river Nile in a traditional river cruise boat and have the chance to embark on a Red Sea cruise. A trip to Egypt with Contiki will ensure you have a trip to remember.

Tour Operator: Contiki
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      • 5 Apr 25
      • 12 Apr 25
      • $3,251
      • 19 Apr 25
      • 26 Apr 25
      • $3,251
      • 3 May 25
      • 10 May 25
      • $3,336
      • 17 May 25
      • 24 May 25
      • $3,421
      • 31 May 25
      • 7 Jun 25
      • $3,421
      • 14 Jun 25
      • 21 Jun 25
      • $4,025
      • 28 Jun 25
      • 5 Jul 25
      • $3,498
      • 12 Jul 25
      • 19 Jul 25
      • $4,115
      • 26 Jul 25
      • 2 Aug 25
      • $3,498
      • 23 Aug 25
      • 30 Aug 25
      • $3,421
      • 6 Sep 25
      • 13 Sep 25
      • $4,025
      • 20 Sep 25
      • 27 Sep 25
      • $3,421
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  • Itinerary

    Day 1 - Arrive Cairo

    Join forces with your group tonight and soak up the excitement of these exotic lands. Tomorrow will be a whole world of discovery, so you'll be thankful for your hotel slumber.


    Day 2 - Cairo to Overnight Train

    Get ready for a sensory overload of the best possible variety. Markets & mayhem are on every corner, with stops for hummus and tea proving very essential. Of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World only one remains, and today you will be seeing it up close and personal. Get the tissues ready, seeing the iconic Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza in all their 4,600 year old glory will make for a day that stirs you to the very core. Tonight it's an overnight train to Aswan - nothing gives you a more up-close look at a place than riding local!


    Day 3 - Nile Cruise (Aswan)

    This morning we'll wake up in Aswan, today is all about jaw drops from start to end. Take a stroll along the Nile before grabbing that camera, as we hop aboard a wooden felucca sailboat, the first of our two boating experiences for the day, and watch the local life as you float on by. Tonight is a taste of the high life with a luxury cruise on the River Nile, no less. This is the first of 3 nights we'll spend on the water, soaking up Egypt from its iconic waterway.


    Day 4 - Nile Cruise (Aswan to Edfu)

    Enjoy waking up to the Nile and sand dunes as your backdrop, while you sip your coffee and ponder just how good life is. Next up is your chance to explore Abu Simbel's Temple of Ramses II, one of the world's most iconic sites dating back to 1264 BC. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a must-do for history buffs and those looking to get in the know on this ancient site. Our Local Guide will uncover its history before we gently drift upstream, steering ourselves away from Aswan with our maps open on ancient Edfu. After green fields, the Arabian desert and palm trees aplenty have teased our eyes along the Nile, we'll pull in for a peak at the perfectly symmetrical town of Kom Ombo. This village's famous temple is dedicated to the God of Crocodiles, and the God of Falcons and with it's stunning setting right by the Nile is the perfect spot to head on-land for some exploring. Back on the boat you can practice your 'walk like an Egyptian' pose, then take a dip in the pool (yes, as in the boat has a pool) before we dock for the night in Edfu.


    Day 5 - Nile Cruise (Edfu to Luxor)

    This morning we'll cast off in the direction of Luxor. As soon as we step foot on Luxor terrain, we'll start spinning our way into the historical mysteries of this magnificent town including the Avenue of the Sphinxes, an epic lineup of human headed sphinxes spanning 3km, and let's not forget a photographers dream. Tomorrow the Luxor discoveries continue, so there's no need to cram it all in on day one.


    Day 6 - Luxor to Hurghada

    Only on a trip to Egypt would ancient royal tombs make a casual appearance on our daily agenda. Venturing to the Valley of the Kings known as 'City of the Dead,' our local guide will take us to some of the 63 royal tombs found here. We'll also walk through the perfectly symmetrical Temple of Hatshepsut. Later, choose to visit the Temple of Karnak where we can find the world’s largest religious structure, the Temple of Amun. Hurghada is all about beachside summer holiday vibes to rival the Mediterranean. With crystal clear waters as far as the eye can see, umbrella-lined beaches, and golden sunsets, this town will be sure to seal the deal on your love for Egypt.


    Day 7 - Hurghada to Cairo

    Lovers of exploring by sea could take a cruise of the Red Sea for all new views, or those who prefer life a little more on land could snorkel, sun bake or just relax in paradise this morning. Later, we'll attempt an Arabic goodbye to the beautiful beaches of Hurghada as we make our way back to where our Egyptian escapade kicked off just a week ago. It's our last complete day together on tour, which means we need to make the most of every second and avoid winding down at all costs. It's our last complete day on trip, we'll enjoy some time together as we make our way back to Cairo.


    Day 8 - Depart Cairo

    Down your last breakfast on us before collapsing into a mess of farewells. Stay strong, there are plenty more exotic lands with Contiki trips written all over them.


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