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Egypt arguably has the oldest civilisation in the world, teeming with historical structures, and great beaches, Egypt is the perfect place to visit. The great pyramids are a must see once in a lifetime, and you can even explore inside the last wonder of the ancient world. There are plenty of other magnificent structures built by the Egyptians which you can still visit like the Abu Simbel temples, and the tombs of the nobles, all providing a glimpse into the ancient world. these must see attractions have a surprisingly small amount of people visiting them, so you won’t be surrounded by truckloads of tourists. There are plenty of museums in Egypt, which hold some of the oldest artefacts known to man. The weather is hot all year round, and Egypt has variety of beautiful beaches, so it is the perfect location for beach goers. Egypt is also rated one of the best places in the world for diving, because of its clear waters, and expansive coral life.

  • 8 nights fr $4,450* pp

    Insight Vacations | Wonders of Egypt (Summer 2020)

    9 days in Egypt
    Incredibly, after gazing upon the illustrious pyramids, this trip only gets better.
    Tour Operator: Insight Vacations

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