Intrepid - Middle East Tours

  • 6 nights fr $900* pp

    18 to 29s

    Intrepid | One week in Jordan

    7 days in Jordan
    It's small, it's safe and it's stable – welcome to the Middle East's best snubber of convention. Kick off holiday times in Amman, snorkel in the Red Sea, head on to Wadi Rum and Petra before returning to Amman. Check out the Dead Sea, see Jerash and hang about town. Discover the highlight attractions and...
    Theme: This trip is for 18 to 29-year-olds
  • 7 nights fr $1,985* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Trek Jordan

    8 days in Jordan
    Experience the beauty and culture of Jordan on this exhilarating trekking adventure. Wander the streets of modern Amman, wind your way through breathtaking shepherd's paths in Mukair, float in the famously salty Dead Sea, get...
    Theme: Walking & Trekking
  • 7 nights fr $2,007* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Jordan Discovery

    8 days in Jordan
    The sweeping desert and echoing formations of Wadi Rum, the hidden, hand-hewn facades of Petra and the ancient Roman ruins at Jerash all make Jordan a true adventurer’s paradise. Watch the sunset depict the colour of the dunes from your Bedouin camp, soak up the Arabian sun in Aqaba and snorkel in the coral-clad Red Sea, traverse the...
    Theme: Explorer
  • 10 nights fr $2,475* pp

    18 to 29s

    Intrepid | Essential Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

    11 days in Jordan
    If you’re looking for travel that will really surprise and inspire you, look no further than Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Get amongst the cafe culture in Amman, set up camp under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert, and get blown away by ancient buildings carved into the pink mountains of Petra. Along the way...
    Theme: This trip is for 18 to 29-year-olds
  • 13 nights fr $3,140* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Iran Adventure

    14 days in Iran, Islamic Republic Of
    Conservative and unconventional, deeply religious and deeply surprising, Iran doesn’t fit into any easy pigeonhole. Spend two weeks following the ancient Silk Road through this under-touristed country to discover refined Islamic cities, colourful bazaars, ancient ruins, fascinating nomadic...
    Theme: Explorer
  • 14 nights fr $3,690* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Discover Egypt & Jordan

    15 days in Egypt
    Myth, religion and wonder come together on this expedition across the timeless terrain of Egypt and Jordan. From the mysteries of the Sphinx to the sublime stone structures of Petra, discover ancient sites galore. Travel on a felucca down the mighty Nile,  and spend a night with Bedouin...
    Theme: Explorer
  • 13 nights fr $5,095* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Kazakhstan Adventure

    14 days in Kazakhstan
    Beginning in the futuristic cityscapes of Nur-Sultan (until recently, Astana), join us on this exploration from mighty Kazakhstan to mountainous Kyrgyzstan. From the space port of Baikonur to the ancient city of Turkistan, the Silk Road ruins of Sayram and Otrar, and...
  • 14 nights fr $5,110* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Explore Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

    15 days in Jordan
    Delve into Israel and Jordan, holy lands rich with history and an oasis of delight and intrigue in the desert. This trip will see you wandering the immense ruins of Petra and exploring a lunar-like landscape at Wadi Rum. Take your time to explore ancient monuments, relics and...
    Theme: Explorer
  • 21 nights fr $7,095* pp

    Unique Experience

    Intrepid | Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

    22 days in Egypt
    Egypt, Jordan, Israel & Palestine are ancient lands that conjure images of river valleys, powerful Pharaohs, pilgrims and cities carved from stone. Dive headfirst into Cairo, sail up the Nile on a felucca, party in Tel Aviv, take a jeep safari across Wadi Rum and experience more World Heritage Sites than you can shake a stick at: Battir; Petra; the Old Cities of Cairo, Acre and Jerusalem; the Church of the Nativity… it goes on – and so...
    Theme: Explorer
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